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  • What is Second Life?
    Second Life is the Internet's largest community-created virtual world. With millions of "residents," Second Life is home to a virtual society where people can chat using voice and text while collaborating on the creation of immersive 3D experiences including homes, businesses, clubs, museums, and other interactive spaces. With over 5 million unique virtual goods on its marketplace, Second Life is also a place where creators can make real money selling their virtual goods including fashions, home decor and more.
  • Is there a tutorial to succesfully install and log in into Second Life the first time?
    We are so glad you want to join us. Please visit this official QuickStart guide on the Second Life website. Shall you have problems or doubts, you can contact Second Life support or send to us a message using the contact form in the "Team" website page.
  • Is "Astralia x Hello Kitty - 45th Anniversary in Second Life" an official Sanrio event?"
    Yes! Astralia is a licensed Sanrio Partner.
  • I would like to purchase a Souvenir Picture, what are the terms and conditions of the service?"
    The official photographer will be available during the time you selected using the form. If you miss the appointment a second one will be arranged on a later date. We understand that Real Life comes first! If you miss 2 appointments, you will no longer be eligible for a picture and no refunds will be processed. We are eunable to provide changes to the picture editing after the delivery. The mesh frame is an original mesh creation by Astralia (with copy and mod permissions). If you have special requests, please communicate them in advance to Nimoe Constantine. We will do our best to make you happy! The photoshoot will take place during the opening party. You will receive a teleport when is your turn! It will have a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Please come to the appointment with the final outfit for the picture. Please understand that due to lag or other technical issues, your appointment could be delayed (not more than 30-60 minutes). If this happens, you will be informed by our team! We reserve the right to use all the picture taken for advertising purpose on our social media channels. If you don't agree, please communicate your decision to Nimoe Constantine. IMPORTANT: The event is strictly PG rated, to welcome everyone - small and big! Please dress accordingly: no lingerie only, no intimate parts shown (nipples included), no sheer sexy clothes, no bare trunk for men, no weapons, no phedophilia. Thank you for your collaboration! ♥
  • Where do I find the "ID Prefix" of a transaction that you ask in the souvenir picture booking form?"
    It's very simple! Log in into your account on In the left side-bar menu of your dashboard, select "account" and from the drop-down menu click on "L$ Transaction History" 3. All your account past transactions are displayed in this page. Copy the "ID Prefix" field in the transaction line of the payment you have made to book your appointment.
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